Free Mac stuff and a bit of an info dump

I came across a cache of links I'd saved for follow-up and so, with my new de-cluttering regime, I share them here on the BoiseMacs weblog instead of hoarding them and letting digital dust accumulate. Some humor (old but still good): the Apple Product Cycle For if you're in a video/movie-watching mood: How to download YouTube videos with Safari -- How to connect your laptop to

A traveller, a MacBook Air, and the TSA

This is a post brought over from Emma's Friends, a now retired Mac blog. Originally published 3/12/2008. Author CF. The story of how an Apple MacBook Air wreaked havok.
A younger agent, joins the crew. I must now be occupying ten, perhaps twenty, percent of the security force. At this checkpoint anyway. There are three score more at the other five checkpoints. The new arrival looks at the printouts from x-ray, looks at my laptop sitting small and alone.

New! from Apple! ... iDaho

(rather funny parody)