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Spotted! Great little app for programmers' finder toolbar

Shiny Droplets are a bundle of small applications that integrate with the finder toolbar, providing a fast shortcut to your favourite text editor.
- Cheryl

Online training, learn about Leopard, switching, Bento is, in my opinion, one of the top-level online learning shops out there.

Save precious cassette recordings onto your Mac

Miraz (always good for an informative read and co-author of a book on WordPress - WordPress 2 (Visual QuickStart Guide)) - here shares her simple steps to preserve some 40 ye

Slife is a Mac productivity software (now free!)

Here's the notice I received. Looks very very interesting.

Teach iTunes Who Is Boss

Just came across these great ideas for getting control of your iTunes: Revenge of the Smart Playlist: 5 tricks for packrats & power users - Cheryl

June's meeting was a picnic!

Hi gang - you missed a fun time tonight we had burgers, brats, corn on the cob, salads, cookies, ice cream and great fellowship. We even talked some MAC talk. A very big thank you to Lauren and Jason for all their hard work and great cooking and to Jim for the Dove ice cream. We'll be back to the third friday next month hope to see you there -Rik

May or May Not Meeting

There was no fixed program, which might be a good thing because no one there could figure out how to use the ceiling-mounted projector. So, we just started sharing favorite tips. One was a nifty widget called iStat Pro, which displays battery data, temperatures from various parts of the Mac, and other good things.

Keeping on track and getting things done

Just spotted a very interesting looking piece of software: Things is a task management software, currently with a 20% discount just $39, which looks (from the iMovie screencast you can view) to be a very simple to manage but flexible way to keep your life in some sort of order and organization. If I wasn't already using (and very happy with) the more feature-heavy OmniFocus, I might be tempted. -Cheryl

Help learning about Mac applications

Two new links have been added to our resources page: MacApper under "Third party software" and OS X Help under "Resources (hardware, tutorials)".