Free Mac stuff and a bit of an info dump

I came across a cache of links I'd saved for follow-up and so, with my new de-cluttering regime, I share them here on the BoiseMacs weblog instead of hoarding them and letting digital dust accumulate. Some humor (old but still good): the Apple Product Cycle For if you're in a video/movie-watching mood: How to download YouTube videos with Safari -- How to connect your laptop to a TV -- and for possible future Boxee integration: the best Mac mini deals A quick segway to a (commercial, meaning $$) resource for nice professional Keynote themes, for if you've got to do a lot of them. And closing out, here's a lot of free software to ignore, peruse, or download: Automator actions (because you're not really taking advantage of it now, are you?) -- free software and free services from DevonTechnologies (I just downloaded XMenu myself) -- Shrook, a free RSS newsreader. Processing, which looks horribly geeky ("Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions.") And we close with a look at what's been hiding in your Services menu item, waiting to help you out.